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Ski Team: Season Outlook

The St. Luke's ski team eagerly anticipates the opportunity to carve its mark on the upcoming race season. 
The team's preseason was a blend of activities designed to enhance both physical and team-building skills. From rigorous fitness workouts with BlueStreak to dry-land obstacle training on the stadium field, the team engaged in diverse training methods. Head Coach Erin Hupal also fostered camaraderie with team bonding activities, such as a campus scavenger hunt.
Guiding the Storm are team captains Pearse Connell ’24 and Lily Carre ’24. With a wealth of experience, these racers have not only served as captains for the past two seasons but have also played pivotal roles in recruiting new members and promoting a culture of teamwork and leadership.
While the season has yet to bring the coveted snowfall, Coach Hupal expresses excitement about a new cohort of underclassmen and several new seniors joining the team. The anticipation lies in discovering the talents and contributions they will bring to the team once the slopes are covered.
In the realm of ski racing, which is inherently individual, Coach Hupal emphasizes the importance of fostering a team mentality. "Our overarching goal is for the squad of 18 racers to become a close-knit family, supporting each other both on and off the mountain,” she said.“Skiing is not just about individual excellence but the collective spirit of the team."
Weather plays a significant role in ski racing, and Coach Hupal acknowledges the team's current lack of snow. "We're anxiously waiting for the snow to fall. Once it does, our goal is to have three full practices on the mountain before races commence. This is crucial, especially for our newest members, to familiarize themselves with the race course and conditions," she adds.
Despite the absence of snow, the team remains hopeful for a successful season and relies on the dedication of its racers to persevere through all obstacles.
"I expect the racers to be hardworking, competitive, and, above all, demonstrate good sportsmanship by cheering for others when their races are complete," notes Coach Hupal. "Skiing is not just about the competition; it's about building a community that supports and uplifts each other."
The team’s first race is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 18 at Mount Southington.
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