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Girls Varsity Basketball: Season Outlook

St. Luke’s girls varsity basketball welcomes new head coach Kwame Burwell for the 2023-2024 season. The team hopes to defend its Fairchester Athletic Association (FAA) and New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) championship titles this year.
Coach Burwell said: "In my first season with the team, despite a brief preseason marked by players juggling commitments to other sports, we prioritized building strong connections. The limited time didn't hinder our commitment to establishing the foundation necessary for a successful and cohesive unit," 
Team captains Emma Boolbol ’24, Sarah Lau ’24, and Camdyn Nelson ’25 bring diverse leadership qualities to the court. "Camdyn leads by example, Emma provides vocal guidance, and Sarah balances the team dynamics. As the season progresses, the trio aims to sharpen the team's skills and hold each other accountable on the court," explains Coach Burwell.
Standout players, including Nelson, Olivia White ’26, and Emma Sollenne ’25, have already made their mark. "Camdyn's focus and determination contribute to the team's competitive edge. Olivia's versatility allows her to excel on both ends of the court, while Emma's consistent hard work and sharpshooting ability help space the floor effectively," notes Coach Burwell.
Despite not being new faces, players like Alanna Watson ’27 and Lau bring fresh perspectives. "Alanna's diverse skill set makes her a potential force on the team. Sarah's speed and steal-timing add a defensive spark,” Coach Burwell added.
The team's goals are ambitious – they aim to clinch victory in the FAA and repeat as Class B champions. "With confidence and determination, the players believe these goals are within reach, building on our status as the reigning FAA and NEPSAC champions," Coach Burwell expressed.
Coach Burwell emphasizes playing with an edge, particularly on the defensive end."The team aims to act as one cohesive unit on offense, adapting to the opposing defense while staying true to individual roles."
"The primary expectation is consistent effort throughout the entire game. While the team has shown flashes of brilliance in quarters and halves, the goal is to put together a full game, and we are actively working towards achieving this," says Coach Burwell.
Acknowledging the challenge of building trust quickly due to limited preseason interaction, Coach Burwell emphasizes the learning curve involves "discovering the team's identity, understanding player roles, and working collectively towards shared goals."
As the St. Luke's girls basketball team embarks on this inaugural season under Coach Burwell, the blend of experienced leaders and promising newcomers, coupled with a focus on chemistry and continuous improvement, promises to have the Storm competing for championships again.
The St. Luke’s girls varsity basketball team is currently 4-1 overall for the season and is back on the hardwood on Friday, Jan. 5, with a home contest against Storm King School at 4:45 p.m.
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